Xiimo - Point of Sale

Platform: iOS, Android
Devices: Tablet
Technology: JAVA, Objective-C, .Net Framework 4.0, json, REST API, MSSQL, MS Azure Cloud, Phonegap

Xiimo - Point of Sale

This was an application with a really long but structured features list, From the start we had a clear list of goals set by our client. Keeping them in mind we helped them build a robust back-end system which thrives in a Cloud Environment and an front-end application that works on multiple platforms providing the same functionality across the board.

Few Key Features

  • - Offline Usability
  • - Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare & Google Maps integration
  • - Checkout functionality which hook-up with a payment terminal
  • - Ability to handle multiple open bills at a time
  • - Separate interfaces for employees, managers & admins
  • - Cloud Ready


POS Terminal

Report Screen